Originally created in Tulum, Mexico, by Nora Álvarez and Avril González, two creative women passionate about music and art.

UNRAVVEL is an eyewear brand intended for original, authentic individuals, with a unique personality and strong beliefs. Our line is unconventional. We disassemble (unravvel) sunglasses, to then turn them into unique pieces of jewelry with crystals and precious stones.


We like to think of our creations not just as accessories, but as tools of intention. As devices that allow you to synchronize your thoughts with the crystal, giving your intentions a higher vibration. That's why every piece you see here has been handcrafted with love and positive energy. Each stone has been personally chosen by us and is intended to bring inner connection and empowerment to your day.

Another healing method that we are passionate about is the power of music, dance, and human connection... this is how we started exploring electronic music festivals. These containers of pure self-expression that transport you to a state of childlike playfulness through music, in which you can express your soul through movement. Being able to experience this in unison with close friends or strangers, is healing.

How absolutely magical is it that thousands of people from all over the world, from different walks of life can come together for just one reason? Music is the magic that removes all physical, cultural and emotional barriers.

Our eyewear line is a reflection of these experiences, each piece is unique and special and each design has a story behind it.

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