The more you understand about crystals, the more effective they are.
In this section you will find advice on how to care for your crystals; how to clean/charge them and the way to dedicate or sincronize with them.


Dedicating and programming your crystals helps them to work more efficiently. It is part of the ritual of working with crystals.

As crystals are powerful beings in their own right, they need to be approached with respect. If you do this, they will be pleased to cooperate with you.


Taking the time to cleanse your crystals is extremely important. Crystals are efficient absorbers and transmitters of energy. One of their functions is to cleanse and transmute negative energies. If you leave your crystals to do this without regular cleansing, most become saturated and unable to do their work.

Crystals need to be cleansed when you buy them and after wearing them for long periods of time.

When not in use, wrap your crystals in it’s soft fabric pouch. This prevents scratching and protects the crystal against absorbing foreign emanations.


When you want to recharge your crystals, just place them it in the light of the sun or the moon for a few hours. The full moon is the most powerful of all the lunar phases and can have a profound spiritual effect if you know how to harness its purifying energy.
Just after sunset, in preparation for their full moon bath, place your crystals on a natural surface and allow them to charge overnight. It is also important that your crystals charge for an hour or two in the sunlight the next morning.

Once you have them collected, take them in your hands, close your eyes and synchronize their energy with your new intentions either by meditating or saying your intentions out loud.

As always, let your intuition guide you... and through this you can attract positive, healing energies and abundance.

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